With Just 2 clicks Drip turns your rough melody ideas into beautiful sounding inflections. Stop KILLING your inspiration with mindless blending & adding tons of effects to try to get the sound you want. Just choose one of our presets, turn the "Overall" knob to the amount you desire, and keep creating!!

Hear the Difference

Listen to "Before and After" examples of different sounds and melodies using Drip. All sounds were processed by simply using one of our many presets. Just 2 clicks.

Drip - Piano - Before and After

Drip - Guitars - Before and After

Drip - Vocals - Before and After

Drip - Vocals - Before and After

The Perfect Flavor For ANY Sound

Mix, Match and randomize 24 hand tailored presets to give you the sound you NEED INSTANTLY without any knowledge of mixing (so you don't need to waste years learning how to manipulate sounds).



With a simple user interface, anyone can pick up Drip and use 

it to its full capabilities... But don't worry, every knob can be 

customized and saved to get the PERFECT sound you desire!


Streamline your workflow with just a couple clicks so you can STOP worrying about spending hours trying to get sounds to blend together and you can spend more time doing what you do best. Stay inspired. Keep Creating.


Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $14.25 with Shop Pay

When you Purchase Drip Today you get...

  • Free updates for life

  • Free presets for life

  • Bonus Music Theory Midi Kit

  • 48 Fully Customizable Presets

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Endless Amounts of Inspiration.

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What Our Customers Have to Say...

What a handful of our 70,000+ Drip Users have to say...


Don't Worry, Drip is Compatible with all your Favorite DAWS

such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reaper, & Studio One

More Noteworthy Drip Users

Busy Works Beats

829k Subscribers on YouTube

"What Drip does is Instantly add a Vibe to Your Sounds. I've Never heard a sound like this before!"

Chuki Beats

Multi Platinum | 472k YouTube Subscribers

"You also can go through the struggle of adding EQ's, Reverb, filters, etc. But then the Drip Plugin existed."

Decap Music

Multi Platinum Billboard Producer

"If I'm in a session, I don't have time to sound design. I just need to go. I think I would load up Drip, and if you find the right preset the room would definitely feel it."


395k Subscribers On YouTube

"I love using Drip on Melodies, Especially for when I run out of Ideas and don't know where to take it next."

For 63% off + Bonuses

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